Sunday 29th November 2015 at 2.30pm
Murray Bridge Regional Gallery

The Murray Bridge Regional Gallery takes pleasure in inviting you to the opening of Connections.
Please join us for opening drinks on Sunday November 29th at 2.30pm.

Opening speaker: Nona Burden, artist and lecturer, Adelaide Central School of Art

CONNECTIONS: Glenda Rowett


Murray Bridge Regional Gallery 27 Sixth Street, Murray Bridge

Opening Hours: Tues to Sat 10am – 4pm, Sun 11am – 4pm.

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“I should paint my own place best, painting is but another word for feeling.” .John Constable.

I like to paint what I feel most connected to. Whether it be my home town where I was born and raised, or the river or the sea. The River Murray, down through the Limestone Coast to the sea, has always provided motivation for me to paint what I experience. I love the beauty of this area and the changing seasons. 

 Having known nothing but country life as a child, my playground was spacious and free in the countryside and wetlands. I would ride my horse for hours along the roads and tracks and through the wetlands. The four senses were heightened through these years. Today, I can easily be anchored by a time, place, season or smell from my childhood. This brings back wonderful memories. 

 Everything on earth is connected – a vibrating mass of energy. We are all a part of it.

To be ‘connected’ is to silence the chatter of our minds and be present in the moment to absorb what is going on around us. When in total presence, the senses become heightened to observe our environment in a way which we would not normally see. This creates a different feeling of space and freedom, which has incredible self power. The ‘self’ is no longer identified by form, but transcends into ‘being’ where we become our true ‘self’. 

Being connected to all the senses in the environment, in that moment in time, brings the self into total being of the ‘one’ … infinity and universe. Light that illuminates objects in a moment, then disappears into shadow. Nothing ever repeats or stays the same. The space between objects is heightened by the atmosphere, light and seasons. In that moment, everything is transformed into incredible beauty, only to be seen when the mind is totally still and present. 

In our social consciousness, this event rarely takes place, and yet it is what we are all striving for beyond our busy lives – peace of mind and freedom. Our conditioning and the subsequent ways of seeing which have been instilled from a very young age, seem to keep us trapped in social unconsciousness. 

At what point do we stop and become silent in the mind and still? – The only place of presence and connection.

There is beauty everywhere, even in shadows, when we take the time to notice. There seems to be a thin veil between what is seen and what is unseen. We can almost touch, sense and feel it. Is it an illusion or is it real? Yet it does feel vibrant and alive. 

Through the medium of the painted landscape, my intention is, to be able to communicate the stillness, and the space of nature, and to provide the opportunity to transport the viewer into the present moment and a place of elevated awareness.

Glenda Rowett